Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A is for Apple

I cant get the phoenics song out of my head!! A is for Apple, Eh eh Eh-Pel! Faaeq will ask me (or his ayah) to turn on his songs every night! and sometimes i noticed he will mimic the sounds.. no sounds or voice coming out from his mouth, but i know he's trying.. it's ok lah boy, take all the time u want.. :) i know once you start talking, u wont stop! Just like your abang.. haha

*yay!! i got what i crave for! went frenzy at the fruits shop just now.. nasib baik tak beli tembikai sebijik! haha

I think i'm BIG at 14 weeks.. my tummy. hmm.. why? it is because this is my 3rd time? and the skin is easier to stretch?

Ade tak sapa2 kat sini yg masa pregnant ade thyroid? mine is hyperthyroid.. and i'm taking medications for it.. this only happens when i'm pregnant.. after i delivered, the thyroid hormon will be normal again. Weird eh? well, a baby inside yr tummy can do all sorts of things.. raise yr Bp, your sugar, your bowel movement, etc.. u'll get all sorts of allergies during pregnancy.. I met Imran's teacher at the clinic (surprise!) and she told me she will itch real bad on her right knee whenever she's pregnant. haha... lepas bersalin je semua ok. ya, tell me about it.

Tell me if u have any weird allergies (or cravings) when u're pregnant! it'll be interesting to know :) hehe

Have a good week ahead. It's Wednesday already! Phewww..


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