Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Gone were the days when I would go home all pumped up to bake bake and bake! haha... bye bye.. now the sofa (or the carpet) will be my buddy when i got home.. after i warned Imran not to ask anything from me that requires me to get up, i'll usually try to doze off before i fetch faaeq home.. When faaeq is home, sorry lah nak tido kan... that's how tired i am.. the evening sickness has not gone away yet.. i really cant take the smell of food..rice especially! so i end up not eating anything heavy for dinner.. usually yg sedap di tekak hanyalah maggi asam laksa. huhu... i try to resist it, maggi is not good food.. i know.. tapi itu je yg boleh masuk... nasik ke lauk ke boleh, tapi jgn saya yg masak la.. hahaha.. org lain masak takpe. Lucky me, my husband is quite a good cook! haha 

It's ok.. i know this phase will pass... (or not? oh please... ) With Imran and Faaeq, i didnt have any morning or evening sickness at all.. it's MAKAN all the time.. i should not be complaining i know.. this is not too bad compared to some of my friends yg mabuk dr pagi sampai petang.. all 39 weeks.. I remember i officemate who had to take 2 weeks leave coz she can't leave the toilet, asyik muntah je.. habis lembik... cannot imaginelah if i like that! haha.. i'm very fresh in the morning.. but some afternoon and evening, mula la rase mcm semua bende tak sedap. except fruits.. so, that's an advantage jugak kan.. kali ni rase mcm makan makanan 'sihat' je... hahaha... i have to go and get some calcium pills from the pharmacy.. when baby starts developing bones at this stage, (14 weeks onwards), i don't want her (ehem, berangan) to use up all my calcium! nanti umo 40 ibu dah bongkok camne? tak vogue la.. :P

How are you girls? I miss blogging but i am too lazy to write anything.. phew... ape kena ntah..

Tq Rubiyah.. these cupcakes travel all the way to JB.. Rubiyah is 32 weeks pregnant so i cant say no to her! hope u have a safe delivery and a healthy adorable baby!

Now my 2 boys sleep with me.. Imran who is 8 YO this year still wants me beside him whenever he goes to bed.. in my room!.. still demands for his bedtime stories every night without fail.. faaeq wil nag and nag and nag (actions without words of course) asking me to sleep beside him too... and if i turn my back (lenguhla asyik mengadap dia je kan), he'll get up and push my body to face him.. hmmm.... and my arm must be wrapped around his cute tiny body till he doze off..oh my baby...

Have a great weekend friends!


Anonymous said...

Edi, sorry to hear bt ur evening sickness...nasib baik bukan morning sickness..nanti susah nak pergi kerja.

Not easy to be a mum I guess. Can't wait to see your baby and how abang faeq reacts to the new baby.

Take care and hope you have a good weekend.


Rima said...

Eh eh where hv i been!! CONGRATS my dear Edi.. i pray that u will hv a safe and easy pregnancy ok.. teringat waktu preggie si sonia.. my hubs panggil i.. drama queen .. insensitive err with the letter B HAHAHA.. take care and hv a good wkend.. love to both ur kids!

UmmuAhmads said...

Congrats edi!! Hopefully you get a girl...manalah tahu kan... 'berjangkit'...hehehe...
But apa pun, yg penting sihat kan...:) How's faaeq....lama tak dengar cerita... Take a good care of yourself!

-kak cuya

Unknown said...

hahah.. aku pun dulu kena evening/nite sickness.. pagi ok, balik keje terus lembik! yg aku boleh telan hanyalah roti canai sahaja... tu pun after midnight dlm pkl 1-2pagi baru boleh makan.

well, take care.. harap2 tak teruk sgt alahan ko..

Edi said...

the things we hv to go thru to have kids.. but after bersusah payah pun, when u see that tiny face, hilang semua sakit.. i pray u'll experience that soon :)

Thank you :) hahaha.. u drama queen.. i rasa i baik masa pregnant, cuma teringin nak mkn mcm2.. tekak je belum mengizinkan.. tunggu la... hahaha.. love all yr bakes.. mcm2 dlm kepala nak try tp bile balik rumah, sofa juga yg nampak 'sedap'.. hahahaha

Kak cuya,
I'allah.. mcm kak cuya dpt girl.. saya pun nak girl!! hihi.. faaeq is doing good.. mcm2 akal la budak tu.. baru2 ni demam.. semlm saya cuti jaga dia.. bile ibu cuti, tak demam pulak mamat tu.. saje je kot nak manja2.. hehe..

lawak la ko.. seb baik mamak bukak 24hrs ehh... pandai baby ko adjust.. kakakaka... aku ok je.. cuma petang tu mmg mcm zombi la... bile dah mandi ok sket.. lapa2 sgt aku tibai icecream je.. hehehe