Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Promise!

I should stop making promises i can't keep.. :(

Konon nak buh recipe tapi tak bubuh2.. konon nak cerita ini tapi tak cerita2.. hua... i'm so sorry... pls remind me if i have made promises to u i havent fulfilled... sebenarnyer sebab dlm kepala nak buat mcm2.. tp bila depan pc, instead of updating my blog i'd rather travel to other blogs reading their posts... and amuse myself :P


My next cupcake class will be on 11th Feb 2011 which is on Saturday. Ada a few yg sms and email me and i promised (as usual, broken promises) to email them back but know i cant keep track who's who so hopefully u'll read it here.. just drop me an email at edina2404@gmail.com if u wish to join :) 

Here's some bakes i made earlier...

Tq Maz, i'm so sorry i missed out the "Selamat Bertunang" wordings! Arghhh...
Same design like Dayu's only diff colors. I like!

Tq Zai, Della's sister who ordered this for her anniversary. Congrats!

For my aunt's friend who donated this to orphans. 

Tq Ira, who came all the way to collect this at my home.

The design req by Ira (and i made simpler with her consent. x reti nak lukis org muscle tu! haha)

Malam ni nak masak ape eh?
bye now.



Anonymous said...

Pretty cupcakes Edi...

Tell us sth abt how u decline difficult customers...usually, are u able to sniff them when they make the 1st phone call to you?


Kay said...

Kak Dina,

baru teringt, dulu kak Dina ada tulis sapa pengunjung 100,000 dapat hadiah cupcakes... dh ada pemenang ke? sbb sy dh tak nmpk ticker visitor tu... :)

Edi said...

Thanks for always spending some time to leave a note here :) i never decline a customer because one is rude... for other reasons, maybe.. i'll tell more later k :)

Kay! ha ah dah ade org claim hadiah tu :) hehe.. tengok link ni tapi akak tak buh gambar, just a note bawah sekali tu sebab dia punyer hadiah fresh strawberry cupcakes.. hehe


ade satu niat akak belum tunaikan lagi.. ingat sempena bday anak akak hr tu nak kasik cpcks free lagi.. tp belum buat2 lagi. tulah, mcm2 pk.. time nak melaksana nyer, tak terbuat :(

Edi said...

lagi satu Kay,
counter tu ade lagi.. bawah2 sket.. bawah order form tu :)