Friday, November 18, 2011

Roast Chicken Omputeh.

**This is for KG.. promised her I'd put up the recipe...

Sebelum ape2 meh tayang hasil kerja keras dulu... hehehe

Sometimes I'll put up what i want to cook for dinner on my fb status.. coz it'll be like a target i have to achieve.. hehe.. kadang2la.. biler ade mood... when it's on print, it's easier for me to visualize it, and i'll try as much as i can to do it..

We've been talking about chicken roast for a while... i said to hubby, let's do it sometime! Nak yg malaysian style ke yg ompteh punye style? he said, 'omputeh la..'... yg marinade dengan serai bagai tu dah biase buat.. yg ni, first time i do it from scratch!. and i'm so ashamed of myself...  it's so so easy... u should try it sometime..

 I got this book by Jamie Oliver for quite sometime.. havent had the time to browse thru until recently.. cookbooks have been my 'bedtime books' for some time now.. that's the only time i have the time for myself, while Faaeq jumping around and Imran busy telling me his stories of the day.. Got this book at the Big Bad Wolf booksale for rm25 instead of the normal price which is almost 40usd.. well, for a hard cover book, that's a real deal! They also had Nigella and Ramsay.. but i decided it's gonna be Oliver coz i liked the front page! haha.. shallow me.. :P 

So yesterday after work, while waiting for imran's piano class to finish, i went to a nearby Giant to get the stuff... as usual, Jamie's got so many exotic ingredients in his roast.. but i noticed all the 'basic' ingredients are there.. always almost the same.. so i gave it a try..

This is the recipe.. i would say, inspired by the man :)

Simple Roast Chicken.. that taste so good!

1. Lemon*
2. Salt and pepper*
3. Thyme or rosemary (dried or fresh, either way will work--KG, i know u hv fresh rosemary in the kitchen!)
4. Garlic (unpeeled)
5. Olive oil
6. About 1 tablespoon butter
7. 1 large onion-sliced
* i found Lemon and pepper seasoning by McCormick (this cost rm10.90 at giant). I used this. short cut!

Clean the chicken, drizzle olive oil on yr roasting pan, smear thyme all over and then place the unpeeled garlic, butter and onion. Place the chicken, coat with lemon juice and zest (if u're using fresh ones), salt and pepper (the seasoning has lemon, salt and pepper altogether, senang!). Drizzle more olive oil on the chicken. Roast, for my oven, i roast it for 1 hour, api atas bawah, at 180C.

U can also add broccoli, carrots, potatoes... whatever u have in the kitchen.. i was out of stock.. ade kangkung je.. hahaha...


It's good. Percayalah.

Have a great weekend you! Tomorrow is Imran's Hari Ikhtifal (hari penyampaian hadiah dan persembahan akhir tahun).. dia akan nyanyi lagu Pesan Abang from Sudirman (koir) and will be on stage to get his prizes for getting the highest marks in Maths and Feqah and one more.. ape ntah .. tak ingat. Dlm kelas dpt no4. haha. Then we'll be heading to Frazer's Hill!



ady said...

wah.. sedap2nya hidangan omputih ni..menyelerakan yummy..

Edi said...

sedap..sekali sekala tukar angin. hehe..

Fazlinil Irma said...

oh no.. sambil baca resepi. air liur meleleh. daangg..!

kalau makan dgn kentang putar dan coleslow. nyum..nyum..

aishh.. virus rajin sila dtg pd irma..!!

tgok saje takkan kenyang. haha. ;)

Syahida said...

edi, i like jamie oliver also...frasers hill?!best! enjoy ur trip :)

Edi said...

irma, buatla.. awak dulu dok UK mesti selalu mkn camni kan? haha.. akak br nak belajar buat. sini susah nak dpt fresh herbs, so pakai yg dried jelah.. tu pun dah sedap :)

syida, jamie tu main campak2 je semua bende pun nampak sedap.. adeih... tp buku dia bess baca.. dgn lawak dia, dgn info dia.. i like! yup esok nak bersejukkan di frazers hill plaks.. hihi. enjoy yr wiken too!

Ria said...

lame x comment kt cni..nmpk sedap sng je bahan2 die..kene try tp ntah bile..hehe..kak, ape yg best kt fraser's hill ye??nnti amek pics byk2..akak mmg suke p tmpt sejuk2 eh..

Edi said...

salam ria :) tulah knp lama x dtg? hehe.. awak pun perasan yek kitorg suke pegi tpt2 sejuk.. tp yg dekat2 jelah.. mana yg mampu... frazer's hill more to scenic beauty.. tpt rilek2 je.. nanti akak ambik gambar byk2 k.. i'allah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Edi,

Roast chicken looks yummy :)

Congrats to Imran for getting number 4 in class :)

Have a good weekend.


Edi said...

u too Sally! take care.. :)

KG said...

edi ! tqs for the recipe!

Yunne Osman said...

will definitely try this simply because it's simple =) sesuai dgn orang malas mcm i ni huahahaha