Friday, November 18, 2011

Cupcake Class 10th Dec 2011

Next class will be on 10th Dec, Saturday.. Venue: My home Bandar Saujana Putra (accessable thru Elite Highway (from Shah Alam) and SKVE (if u're from Kajang/Bangi)


Recipes given (the ones i used for all my orders) -vanilla and choc moist cupcakes, buttercream, ganache. 

Bake cupcakes, make buttercream icing and learn buttercream deco using many types of nozzles

Price rm150 per person (non-refundable booking fee of rm100 is required for confirmation).
*Next year I'll increase the price to rm180 per person.

All will be provided, including lunch. Just bring yr pen for taking notes.
Bring home 16pcs of cupcakes decorated by YOU!
Contact/email me: for details or enquiries.

my bangles :) some given by friends, some i bought.. i love bangles!


KG said...

edi, jgn dok tayang sgt tt bangle, satgi i cekup kang!

mimie hamdan said...

waaaa... i tkda... pi penang!

Mawar Berduri said...

me too!!loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! nnt lat tnjk my collection

Edi said...

KG, nak tayang jugak... hehe... sbb org takleh cekup dr dlm pc! thihihi...

Mimie, xde jodohla kiter nie.. hehe

Mawar Berduri, baru je masuk blog u... cepat tayang yr bangles lak! :)