Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Have I caught your attention yet? hihi..

So I baked a rainbow cake for my boy :)

Friday night, we went to Alamanda to treat him at The Chicken Rice Shop... he finished an adult portion of the chic rice plus extra chicken.. good for him! Went back happy and full, ready for bed :)

Hope u girls had a great break.. I hope it's not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.. Those who had the chance to perform their Hajj are the luckiest! I'm sure all of us have our portion of 'korban' in our own might.. whatever it is, i'm sure there'll be an equal portion of rewards thereafter.. Amin.  

I'll post the recipe for the rainbow cake later.. and more pics.. bye for now!



iQa~ said...

cantiknya kek tu kak edi...jeles tau bufday cake secantik tu....!

Edi said...

berhempas pulas buatnyer tu... huhu.. sebab nak cantik punyer pasal :D

Najah Farahin said...

ediiiii finally!!!!
congratsssss. sangat comel rainbow cake edi

Mawar Berduri said...

cantiknye kaler2 tue..

Edi said...

Najah, hehe... tulah, puas hati.. tak kemaruk lagi :D

Mawar Berduri, bile dah combinekan semua baru mcm cantik je.. sbb rainbow kan... ranbow kan cantik..ade emas kat hujung.. hihi