Friday, October 14, 2011

From UK with love

Quite a last minute order from Afifah all the way from UK. It's amazing how internet has made the world so much smaller and 'reachable', kan? 

He likes shoes and working with an airline company.. bendera tu tak cukup jalur gemilang merah putih, i know. tak muat nak lukis semua :D

Thanks Afifah for yr order! Hope he liked the cuppies :)   

The design, sketched by Afifah :)

So.. have a great weekends girls! I'll have my cupcake class tomorrow morning, i'm excited to meet u all.

Before that... lemme give u a sneak peek of another set i did. It's for Dayu's wedding tomorrow, so i dont want to spoil the fun sebab set ni akan jadi hantaran.. nanti x besslah kalau pihak lelaki dah tengok kan.. hihi.. next week i'll post the proper photo. (ngada kan?)

Bye now!

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