Monday, September 26, 2011

Happily Married!

This month of Syawal, Imran and Faaeq welcome a new aunty and an uncle ;) Congratulations to my cousins Faizal and Fadzylah a.k.a Pak Ngan Ijai and Mak Ngah Ilah (they are siblings) on your weddings! Imran and Faaeq dapat Pak Lang Hafiz and Mak Ngah Linda :D 

Outdoor Location: Sepri, Negeri Sembilan
Photographer: Zulhilmy, Shafreen, Edina *boley nyebok sbb faaeq tido! hehe

.. and i know you miss my cupcakes! hihi perasan... 

Thanks Ila for both orders!

♥, edi

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