Thursday, August 25, 2011

When i'm feeling blue...

.. dah lama peram gambar nie... Tq my cousin Ina! buy 1 free 1 lah cake nie. hehe

Happy 1st birthday Haziq Al-Amsyar!

and some cpcks to go with the cakes. nothing fancy.. but i somehow love the stars! i think i'll do stars for faaeq's birthday too! he'll be 4 in november!

Tq Kak Ilah for this order. These were delivered this morning for Laiqa's 4th birthday! I remember i did her 3rd birthday cupcakes last year.. I was in a hurry so the photo was taken with my camera phone. Angry birds and pink swirls.

My son Imran's remark: Ibu, tak sangka ibu pandai lukis angry bird! *haha

Muke mengantuk bangun sahur. Bangun2 terus ke dapur pastu duduk atas meja, tunggu org makan. Pastu ikut masuk tidur semula. lawak betulla si poik* ni!
*nama manja Faaeq. nama2 manja lain ialah; Che Po, Po, Poyikkkk dan Paul. ehem.

Yesterday me and husband went to Pusat Kebajikan Masyarakat at Banting Selangor to request for an OKU card for Faaeq. It was long overdue, the hospital gave us the form last year, somehow we didnt put it as a priority to get the card until our last appmt at CDC (Child Dev Center HUKM). We went there last week. The doctor asked us why we havent registered yet, and we just couldnt give her an answer. (Dlm hati, ingatkan tak perlu?) Apparently, it is important to have the card if we want to send Faaeq to a special school, or to enroll him to a government's EIP (Early Intervention Program) and such. My husband went to Sepang's Pusat Kebajikan but they asked us to go to Banting since our address is within Banting's district. Off we went, the drive was about 45 mins from shah alam (jauhhhhhh). My husband has ensured that he completed and brought all the necessary items (photos, ic copies etc) according to the checklist on the form, given by the hospital.

We were attended by a friendly and helpful staff, and after checking all the documents, she noted that the form is the older version of what they have now. Fortunately, the only difference (according to another officer) is the photograph slot on the right hand side of the form, so they accepted it anyway. BUT, the new form also has a new checklist, and one item they added to the form is ELECTRICITY/UTILITY  BILL.. which has to be brought together and submitted for them to confirm the address. Danggg!!! we didn't have any! and the thought of having to come back to the office (which is VERY far  from our home) really got me frusttrated.

Then i remembered, there was an old electricity bill somewhere in the car, but the address was our previous house which was our rental house. Alhamdulillah the officer said she can accept that and noted on the form, that is was our rented hs and that we will be at our new address as written on the form. PHEW!!!! The hospital should have updated their forms (or the Jab Kebajikan kot.. should have) but either way, pls note that u have to bring yr bills if in case u're going to get that card. The card will be ready in a few months time, coz it has to be endorsed by the Pengarah..

The whole day yesterday after we went there, I felt low. I felt helpless. I had a bad dream last night.

But today, I got my strength back to help faaeq.
Thank you kak cuya, kak afiza and syida.  

I'll take baby steps to start a GFCF diet for faaeq. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...

Have a great day and drive safe!



Syahida said...

Edi, hv a great Eid celebration and a safe journey too! May Allah bless us ALL. Amin

Anonymous said...

Tak per susah sikit dulu k, insyaAllah after this, things will fall into place. Amin


Edi said...

Tq shida, kak wiz. Aminn..

Elena said...

Love the cake photo! Adorable!

Edi said...

Tq elena!