Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know i've been quiet.. the truth is i have so many things in my head, i dont know how to start telling you about it. Faaeq has been miserable with his toothache and we, are more miserable looking at him struggling to eat and munch his fav snacks.. he is usually always munching on something.. biscuits, crackers, fruits, cereals.. now he dare not! We have an appointment at the dental peads to admit him on this coming 29th, and the specialist will extract his tooth (teeth).. how many depending on the specilist when she gets to open his mouth while he is under anestesia.. I AM NERVOUS! First, the thought of staying in a ward with a hyperactive kid... u know how it'll go... and then the night before the operation, faaeq will have to fast, no eating and maybe even drinking... HOW will that go?

Anyway... let's just hope for the best.. and I want to get it over as soon as possible so he'll be up and about again without worrying about his aching teeth. Poor little man :(

So, how's your week so far? :)

I'll do a last class before Ramadhan, and before we move to our new home! (woohooo!),  on this coming 23rd July (Saturday). If u'd like to know how i make my cupcakes, maybe u'd like serve them during Raya.. come! come! :)

Pack of RV cupcakes with cream cheese topping

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese topping and fresh strawberries for her lovely mom.
Thanks Aminah for both orders!



iQa~ said...

kak edi mmg superb..terliur iqa tau.. hehehe~

Anonymous said...

thanks kak. walaupun order last minit kan. sedappp sgt. boleh order lagi nnt. (:

-siti aminah

Anonymous said...

btw kak. boleh tak saya amek tiga tiga gmbar ni ? sbb haritu saya tangkap gmbar gelap. hooo.

-siti aminah.

Edi said...

Aminah, glad u liked the cake :) ya go ahead ambikla gambar tu :)

Iqa, tryla buat. Ade oven, mixer, semua jadik :))

Laily Zuwan said...

wahh kak... cream cheese... sedapnye..

Anonymous said...

hanny, cream chs mmg sedap.. buhla atas ape saje.. itu yg bahaya tu.. hihi

Laily Zuwan said...

uhh.. saye dh terliur kak.. kalo cupcake n topping with cream cheese same prize ke kak..

berangan tgh menikmati cream cheese plak dah...

Anonymous said...

akk x pernah buat cpcks shj.. yg ni dia order dengan kek besar so akk lebihkan adunan je.. kalau buat satu adunan x sure dpt berapa so akk x kire lagi lah harganyer... beli kek jelah seketul.. puas makan.. :)
-kak edi

Laily Zuwan said...

owh.. ok2..kene order n mkn sblm puasa ni.. karang terliur aje teringt2.. nnt kite email akak nk order.. ;)

Anonymous said...

hihi. ok hanny :)