Friday, July 15, 2011

It's raining RV!

Yeah, i know you can tell.. the red velvet cake is 'overpowering' my cupcks now! But as you can see, my RVs are with simple decorations and i actually am not good at the art of big cakes! however, if u dont mind some bumpy cream cheese and uneven finishes on your cake, i'd be glad to make you one :) i'd say it's rugged. haha... (konon)

I confess.. i once made a small one just for myself to indulge! Syyy...

Thanks Fasya, my lovely friend! This is for her firstborn, who turned 1 last week!

I am missing Faaeq at work.. been thru all his photos on my pc.. it's friday and it's raining.. pls dont blame me if my heart is at home with my kids!

Have a great weekend. Drive safe if u're taking a trip!



Anonymous said...

Bumpy and rugged equal to rustic ok! That's how cakes should look like. Bukan malas but perfection is all about the imperfections kan kan kan?


Anonymous said...

yes yes! kalau nak perfect kena pakai mesinla kan.. kena sound awal2 takut ade yg expect kek dia licin mulus, kang dpt kek rustic mcm ni senyum senget pulak :D