Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pretty cake for a pretty lil girl;)

The title above is not my line. It's Nanie's email subject sent to me after she got her cake from me ;) Alhamdulillah...

1st birthday is so special coz it's.. a first one! It's an honor to do someone's 1st birthday cake.. a little child celebrating his/her very first birthday! There's something magical about that, don't u think so?

 I seldom accept orders for big cakes.. coz err.. I actually don't have the right tools to do a big cake like this. I was struggling to make the icing neat and flat.. I was struggling to cover the cake properly... I don't have a rotating table to work on every side of the cake with ease! Banyak kali reject, pusing kut sini, terkena belah sana.. pusing kut sana, terkena kat sini.... haha, I was so not ready!

But the thought of doing a cake for a little girl made me excited, so I accepted the challege. Nanie asked for Red Velvet with buttercream topping. Can't be with cream cheese and whipped cream topping coz I dont have a proper place to keep in my office and the topping will surely melt away in no time. Buttercream is better.. it holds up nicely plus I can do some decorations using buttercream.. so, she agreed with Red Velvet with buttercream topping.. :D

Thanks Hernanie from SUK, whom building was shaken 2 times yesterday in between this cake! Nice meeting you, and see you again this Friday for your other order. If you do have the sliced version of this cake, would u kindly send a photo to me, so I can share it here? And also the birthday girl of course! Cik Puan Afrin Hana ni.. hihi...

Her email made my day! :)

"Kak Edi!!!!
That cake was sooo delicious & great looking cake!! ! It was very special to me. How sweet!!! Looks very yummy and the icing looks cute too! Sangattt sedap!!! Everything about your cake is adorable! Great work! Thanks again for your help in making this birthday celebration a great one!!! Thank u sooooo much!!!

Cupcakes tu baru sampai traffic light depan unisel dah habis husband saya makan;p Actually my husband sgt cerewet psl kek & cupcakes.. before this pernah order kek & cupcakes.. semua dia kata tak sedap.. Tapi akak punya dia kata sangat sedappp!!!

Have a great day friends!


here're the photo of the adorable birthday girl! photos are from Hernanie's fb :)


Emma said...

oh my edi i sukaaaaa sgt skirting u buat tuh..neat dan comel macam skirt! cer citer sket caner very true indeed..pretty cake..

Anonymous said...

tq emma.. jgnla.. i malu taw... x kemas sgt... i kinda 'had' to do the skirts coz i couldnt cover it nicely kat tepi.. last2 buat ropol2 gitu jelah.. habis cerita. turned out (i rase) mcm baby dress pun ade.. so i was satisfied. 2 jam mengadap kek nie. will not take order of big cakes if i have cupcks order. mmg tak sempat!

thks for stopping by. u pun byk buat kek, apam polka dot lagi.. hihi

Wan said...

Hi Edi, hope u don't mind, I telah terinspired by your ropol2 cake, he he sbb cute sgt. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

tq wan...
i cant view your website from here.. why eh?