Monday, May 30, 2011


I think blogger has gone haywire. My previous post appeared to be my recent post and I can't login to reply to comments hence I replied your comments as anonymous :P

So much of our lives depend on others. *sigh*

I'll be heading to KB tomorrow nite for my cousin's wedding till weekends.. I might not be able to update this blog till then coz I'll be busy baking and baking and baking! Look forward to that! Yippie! Will meet one of my readers from KB, she'll be helping me with the baking and in return, I hope she'll get some new knick knacks and learn a thing or two ;) Well, I surely be learning too coz we'll be baking at my aunty's place who is famous for delicious kuih, creams puffs dan all sorts of yummy treats :)

So here're some photos I haven't posted yet here. Some of them are taken in low light and in a hurry... as u can see... hehehe... takpelah janji ade gambar. haha

 Thanks Wani :)

 Thanks Wan :) Designed by Wan himself!

 Thanks Syamim! :) Convo cuppies for her brother..

 Thanks Mira :) Designed by Mira herself!

Thanks Kak Lin, my neighbor yang paling byk order dengan i! :)




Reen Tart Nenas said...

skang nie xboleh tgk purple, terus tetiba rasa nak manja2. camne? hehehe anyway, love the 1st one!

Anonymous said...

hihi... ape ni manja2 ni ade 'isi' kot dlm perut! hehehee...

kak edi