Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lucky me!

I couldn't believe my luck today! I won the giveaway by Rima, a stylish digital scale worth.... a million! haha... well, anything free brings so much happiness and I've been smiling from morning till now :D
Here's the result. And I get to choose the color..! wahhh.... lama betul termenung depan PC.. they all come in so many pretty colors! hmm.. last2 sebab tak dpt pilih mana satu, merah ke, purple.. merah? cantik.. tapiiii.. purple pun cantik.... nak purple.. tapiiii....

Out of 6 pretty colors, these two are so adorable I couldn't choose!

photos taken from Rima's webstore http://store.bisousatoi.com/

... sooo....I asked Rima to choose for me. Surprise me again in the mail ya?! :)))

Thanks Rima, now I can bake in style! cheewoohhh....  What's more wonderful is that my birthday is coming in a few days, perfect timing!



Ria said...

congratz kak edi..nti kalu nk baking ria pinjam le x??hehe..both colours sgt cntik..mmg xtau nk wrna pe..tp ria pilih purple kot..hehe..agk ny kalu org yg dkt nk smbut besday ade luck eh..

Edi said...

thks Ria.. :)
boleh nak pinjam, dtg rumah eh? hehehe...
betul gak la teori awak tu.. bday girl ade aura 'lucky' kot.. x pernak lak kak edi menang ape2 sebelum ni.. well, pernah la.. dpt hair dryer masa lucky draw.. :P