Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Email from Katsuki, Iwaki, Japan.

I received another email from my friend Katsuki. I'm always amazed at how she holds up against it all and still be positive about the situation...   

from 遠藤 かつき

toEdina Azhar

dateMon, Apr 11, 2011 at 9:42 AM

subjectRe: hey there


hi, Edina san,

Every time I feel so happy to write you back.
And Thanks for your mail.
Hey..., your message is so touchy!!
told you, I'm OK, Daijobu yo! :) please don't worry too much.
Our situations are getting better and better.

I guess we've get through the worst part.
Yet Power plant is not very good...:(

Last Wendesday, my friend lives in Tokyo he mailed me suddenly to my cell phone
on his way home from work on the train,
and he told me
"I'm thinking to drive to Iwaki from now and bring you some food & water
and if you want, you can come to my house and stay for a while and take bath,
then you can get some food in Tokyo before I will drive you home again.
And your parents say ok, also They are welcome,too!
what do you think?"
I can't express what I felt at that time.
I never ever had such a great e-mail for help.
My parents didn't come but I went with him.
Friends living in Tokyo came & saw me, also they brought some food,too!
Wow!!!! How NICE friends I've got!!
Also people from city hall stood in front of the station near his home
asked donations for North East Japan.
that made me feel so happy, I went them and told them where I'm from
and said how we are here and told them how much I thank them.

After I came back from tokyo, our life lines are getting better & better.
Goverment oeders to Mager Oil companies to send oil by top priority to NorthEast,
still we can buy JUST 10L in one time, but we can get little gas for the car now.
Water supply is back few days ago, AT LAST after 20 days we can flush the toilets,
wash dishes, clothes, and take bathes.
Also food is comming day by day, we can buy foods in supermarkets,
still not 100%, stores will close when they run out their storege, but
still better for us.

so here in Iwaki is better than the other places.
Except seashore, we will get back the normal life maybe in 3-6 months,I guess.(I HOPE!)
but at the seashore is dameged badly, I lost my words when I saw that area
Signals are twisted, cars are upside down, ships and boats on the Ground.
All hoses are distroied by Tsunami...
Have you been to Aqualium in Onahama?
We lost electricity right after the earthquake, then all creatures had dead.
some friends of mine lived in seashore,
they lost their houses, and one of that missed her brother.
Still they are in shelters in other prefecture, can't get back here yet.
Still no plans to come back.
Other friends lives in 20Km from the power plant are also in the shelters in
very far from Fukushima.
Now I help my aunts(Kazue's Mom ne!) house to clean up every day.
Her house is also dameged seriousry, so they can't live there anymore.
Also maybe she's gonna close her restaurant....
Still they've got my grandma's house near their house, so they are moving to
grandma's house.

when we look at the future, we have a lot of difficult things,I guess.
Here Iwaki is close to the Power Plant, so people in Japan don't want to
buy our product of rice, begetables, fish.
Because people are afraid of radioactive contamination.
Already people dosen't buy from us
so people working as farmers, fishers are going to have Reeally difficult times.

off course I'm worried about my future,if I can get job.
Now situation is worst.
but now what I'm thinking about is not only for myself,
I have to get job as soon as I can, and earn money for my parents,
(because my parents also can't work at this moment) ,

After that hope to go Seashore in Iwaki as a volunteer, and when it's done,
I'm thinking to go to North, too.
Anyway I can do nothing without job.
So I have a lot of things to do, I have no time to feeling sad or crying.
There's SO MANY people need for help in outside of Iwaki.

It's funny, now for me, ALL my life before was like a 'Dream',
times when I was in NY,
times when I went to Australia, Malaysia,
times when I was with you,
times when we were talking about our future dreams,etc.
Haaaah, How happy life I had..., Miss that days!!!
but please don't forget,
We Japanese will get trough this,
and I won't quite to looking up,
Shape of happiness will may change,but I won't change being myself.
Sorry about your aunt, loosing close one is always sad to everyone.
Now we really understand that well.
Thank you for your praying,sharing my mail on your blog,
and always caring about my Mom!
She is Genki :) will tell her you're worring about her.

*** Enjoy your Happy Normal Days! ***


*This was written on April 2,
today April 11, Huge Quake (one of After shocks)hit here again
JUST after 1 Month.
we're OK, but Water supply has been shut down again now.
Will write you again, and will check FB later.
Thanks for all your words of encouragements, doa and well wishes for my FIL. Now he is at home in Rembau. So far he is still tired but holding up well. I'm positive he'll recover soon, i'allah.. All of you, take care too ok! :)


Unknown said...

oh edi, tetiba aku rasa nak hug somebody and cry on shoulders... huhuhuhuhuhu... *sob sob*

Maizatul said...

sekali lagi saya terkesima....i really need to learn a lot from the Japanese. They might not be Muslim, but the Islamic virtues are part of their life.Thanks for sharing this again.

Edi said...

azq, tulah, i feel so helpless everytime i read her email. then i'll take my time to absorb everything THEN only i'll reply her email.

mai, mmg byk yg kita boleh ambik iktibar. bukan saja negara they all ni maju, org2nyer pun sama maju dr semua segi.. especially their virtues. i'm glad i hv the chance to share a piece of her experience with us all.