Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called.. Macarons!

At last.. the crave has been satisfied :))) dapat jugak buat macarons nie....! Egg whites had been aged for 2 days in the fridge. I've weigh the almond flour and sugar beforehand, packed them nicely in containers.. I packed 2 batches of them... then today, I attempted the dragons! haha.. macarons. Since attending KG's class, this is my first attempt solo.. hari tu semua lima org buat, lima kali, semua jadik, so takkan kali ni tak jadik kan.. (me and my simplified mind, konon)

This is my first batch. Plain almond macarons. The moment I piped the batter on the baking paper, I know I missed a stoke or two during the macaronage stage! There were some 'toncet' on the batter.. they dried  pretty fast as it was smoking HOT outside!

This is my second batch.. Almond macarons with green tea and lime. Love the smell of lime in it! I used Boh's green tea sachets. Silly me for piping the batter so close to each other.. kan dah bersambung2 tu!! adoila... punyerlah kedekut baking paper! (actually I dont have enough baking tray.... kena gi beli ni!)

These look better, kan? It's shiny and round... :)

The result, 1st batch -- no feet! I think they look OK... considering the shells didn't crack..

The second batch is actually almost perfect! Except they are so close to each other, dah bercantum!
*POK! tepuk kepala*

Haa.... look! yg crack patah dua tu sebab I terjatuh spatula atas dia.. yang lain2 cantik! yay! they smell so good! lime and green tea.. yum!

Then I got greedy and made my 3rd attempt. This time I ran out of aged egg whites. I used fresh egg whites... 'almost' thawed almond powder (punyalah tak sabar!) I thought I can get the same pretty shells.. (maklumla.. mcm dah terrorrrr.....) These are horlicks flavored!

Ha! Ha! PADAN MUKA! Ini semua akan masuk tong sampah.

I'm still trying to recall what did right during my second batch. I think I have to count the strokes next time around.... the oven temperature is important too.. I baked mine at 130C.. I don't exactly know how many minutes.. urm.. about 15 or so for each try, coz I constantly check on them to know whether they're done or not.

I will definitely try this again.. this weekends maybe! I haven't got around to do all those exotic fillings yet. So I settled with choc ganache and buttercream icing. I have to get the shells right first, then there are endless possibilities of flavors!

They are far from perfect but I'm glad I gave it a try. They are crazy little things  for sure, but I'll get around and tackle them alrite!

Till then, hv a great and productive day friends!


Laily Zuwan said...

uhh...nmpk sedap kak..

Edi said...

mmg sedap mende nie.. tapi manis la.. :) utk dinikmati sikit2 je... :)

Fazlinil Irma said...

waahh.. bravo kak.. dah buat macs. sy baru pecahkan putih telur utk disimpan sejuk. 2-3 hari lagi baru leh buat.

murni said...

Good for you on trying it out... X kesah, after dumping 1 or 2 trays u will definitely get better...

Happy Macarooning

Laily Zuwan said...

saye dh rase kak..beli ngan kawan.. mmg sedap... paling best yg rase cekelat.... sedap... kalo akak ade wat, leh beli ngan akak plak..hehehhe

Edi said...

Irma, all the best! hehehe.. nanti dah buat jgn lupe post kat blog ehh... nak tgk!

murni, i really hope so! seb baik mende ni x byk ingredients... senang je nak buat just kena teknik yg betul.. kan?

hanny, akak takkan jual punyer... too stressful kalau nak jual. kang org order, buat tak jadik, mana nak lari?? hahaha

KG said...

well done! and do more wt style wt the new mastrad sclae! wootx2

Edi said...

hehe... ok2... i will! and will bake more cakes with exact measurements after this! yay!

fiza said...

yeay..! jadi dah yg green tea & lime tu! sounds sedaps too..mmg betul, nk kena buat byk round baru dpt kenal 'hati-budi' cik macs ni..sebab sometimes kuat ngamuk hehe...but most of the times kalau u pandai tackle cantik manis jek jadinye..make more...! ;)

LifeBloom said...

Well done Edi!!! Am getting myself a mixer and getting KG to help me rasmi the mixer with macarons :D...nanti will ajak you all ok!

Edi said...

jadik... tp kan.. lepas tu tak jadi pulak! hahaha... mmg kena buat byk kali mende nie... pastu sedekah2 la sesape yg berkenaan :D
nak makan sendiri konpem high sugar kang..

Edi said...

kak maizura, (should i call u kak mai or kak zura?)
dah beli mixer? amboi... bestnyer! dpt toy baru! lps ni mcm2 la 'product homemade' dari dapur i assume? hihi

Anonymous said...

Edi, it is good to know you had feet. I still could not figure out why mine don't.

Why throw the tak cantik ones? just sandwhich them as usual with the fillings and enjoy them like biscuits. Sedap jugak!


Edi said...

kak wiz,
i pun still x tau mcm mana boleh keluar feet yg 2nd batch tu... here're my theories;

1. they dried long enough in the sun.

2. cukup stokes during macaronage stage. yg 1st batch tu x cukup pukul... yg ni cukup pukul n kering betul2 shell dia..

tu jelah yg i rasa what i did right. havent got the chance to try lagi... ntah2 next bacth lagi tak jadik! hua hua hua...