Thursday, March 24, 2011

Email from Katsuki, Iwaki, Japan.

from 遠藤 かつき

toEdina Azhar

dateTue, Mar 22, 2011 at 8:09 AM

subjectRe: hey


It's been 11days since the quake.
I don't know where should I start to tell...
I don't now about JE factory, maybe still there but really mess inside.
also don't know there're working or not, but I guess nobody's working yet,
because our situations is too far for working in offices yet.
*Edi: JE (Japan Electronics) is my previous company, located in Iwaki. I went to stay there for 6 months working and learning.

We still haven't have water supply yet.
we've been ordered to stay inside
to avoid radiation exporsure,
so we've stucted inside of our houses 11 days also keep all windows closed.
completely nobody on the streets.

In the mean while,
we can't took any shower and bath....ahhhhhh, what a mess!!
This drives me crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!!!
also people of all over Japan buy food, water, Gas,
for preparations for the worst...this makes our situations worse.
so we've been in a scarcity of materials in the stricken areas.

Sufferer living in stricken area is still cold and some parts are snowing outside,
if people still have a houses or had lost their houses,
it doesn't matter.
Running out of GAS means can't turn on heaters,
can't go out by car to get our food and water,
also really difficult to get medicines.

Especially to old people, sick people, babys.
Papare says today is "if this situations will continue,
people stuck in house and in the shelter will starve for death."
and I can prove it,this is 'THE FACT' from the center of Stricken areas.
I've never imagined that 'I':am stuking in Hunger, in 21Century of JAPAN!!!

And Fukushima is the most difficult erea now Especially our city,Iwaki.
here is outside of Evacuation area. so some of us are still inside.
people living within 20Km from Nuclear power plant had already evacuated
to more than 100Km away from their home.
It because of several times of explosions of nuclear plants.
Those were really schoking incidents for us.(maybe every people of the world)
and since that day, all transportations are avoiding to COME IN this area.
AT LAST,transportations reach to Iwaki and the other area YESTERDAY,
but STILL we can't get out of our houses, and can't buy GAS.
If markets and Gas Sataions open, we have to make long lines(Over 1Km!) from MIDNIGHT,
and wait over 3hours(maybe over 6-7.hrs!), still no garantees you can get goods or GAS!
We still have a little water and food storege at home,
but I don't know when those will run out.(Maybe in 2-3days)
All I can do is tweet on the Mager TV station's web site and to my Friends living in Tokyo to let them know our situations.

in fact many people are doing the same,
so situations are getting better & better in this 2days.
One of my friends in TOKYO says,
"when you run out your food and water, I can bring you food, water & Gas by my car. so let me know before you run of your water!"

Now lots of people in Japan want to come as a volunteer,
(but nobody can't move because of no Gas&Oil..imagine??? Is this JAPAN???)
and send us food,water,blankets(But no transportations yet
it take little more time, soon gas and Transportations's Problem will get better,I guess.) and are collecting for the contributions.
EVERY People of Japan tries to help us.

ALSO like you, so many people all over the world make contributions for JAPAN.

REALLY APPRICIATE, What a wonderful world ....

Many people lost their familys or friends, and some of them are still missing and serching.
so many terrible heart breaking stories, you can't hear them without tears.
And here also still we can't do anything and no food and water,
and still not safe around Nuclear Power Plant.
so many people have gone away from their home,
my friends and aunt's family already had gone until the power plant will settle down.
However, people in the Northeast(Iwate,Miyagi,Fukushima also Ibaraki),
we starts to look at the future.
Every Japanese believe we can get back our normal life,
and we can re-build town, city, again.
also Every Japanese support us to make it.

I'm really proud of the national charactor of Japanese.
I'm really happy I'm still alive.
I'm really happy I havn't lost my family&Friends.
I'm really happy to have friends worrying about me.
I'm really happy to know people of every nation of the world worrying about Japan.
I'm OK. my Family is OK, too.
Difficult time will continue lillte more, but we can bear it.
just pray won't hit huge quake again(still we have them),
will settle down the nuclear power plant.

Thanks for your warm hearted message!
Kats from Fukushima


Maizatul said...

Edi, thanks for sharing this email with us. I really salute the Japanese, imagine, in this hard time pun, they still queue, tak merusuh or mencuri makanan kat kedai. they are very civilized people.

Edi said...

it is so true.. i pun respectla dengan tahap disiplin they all nie.. bukan dr segi kerja sahaja, dlm kehidupan dan paling utama, di saat2 kecemasan mcm nie, still intact lagi disiplin they all tu... mcm mana nak tanam sifat2 mcm tu dlm anak2 kita, kena belajar gak tu.. :) thks for reading mai! sama2 kita ambil iktibar..

ps: x reply lg email dia sbb tak tau nak tulis apa! mcm dah takde kata yang boleh meringankan kesusahan dia.. :(((

mimie1678 said...

oh... hati saya patah bila baca email nie... kesian sungguh... mcm edi ckp tak tau nak kata apa yg boleh senangkan hati dia kan....
praying hard that this will not happen in malaysia...

Edi said...

mimie, i'allah.. semoga musibah mcm ni dijauhkan dr kita semua, amin..