Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Hye all.. it's been quite some time since my last post. First thing first, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! From my humble buttercream nozzles, I THANK YOU for all your orders, your words of encouragement and for just being there, at the end of this wireless connection, waiting and reading my posts. THANKS! It's been a great year for me, for my family and I hope it's been great for you all too. May all the challeges in 2010 make us stronger and wiser, and year 2011 will bring much more happiness and success to us all. Aminnn...

yup.. it's their 60th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Order from my lovely cousins Ash and Shra for grandma and grandpa's anniversary.

I have so many hutangss to all yang order.. huhu... gambar2 cupcakes.. banyak belum upload!! sorry... ada sedikit pening2 lalat bila part nak menguruskan gambar2 nie.. so bear with me pls..

Thanks Irmi! Design sama mcm Bary's. Irmi berkenan sangat sampai termimpi2.. Amboi... :D

Faaeq... is becoming more and more demanding nowadays.. nak bagi dia tidur.. mak aii.. punya susah... especially tghr.. kalau marah, habis semua barang keliling dia dia campak kat orang yang dia marah.. kalau ibu yang dia marah, botol susu, remote, buku.. semua yang dia boleh capai, habis dia baling kat ibu.. huhu.. muka ibu dah lebam kat tepi (seb baik tepi, pakai tudung tak nampak ah) and hidung ibu pun sakit bile tekan (agaknya retak tulang hidung kot) kena baling botol susu.. botol susu yg penuh susu tau.. sangat mencabar betullah faaeq ni! betul kata mrjasman yang pernah email sy suatu waktu dulu.. dia terbaca post sy psl faaeq being autistic and dia email mengatakan yg dia pun mempunyai 2 org anak autism.. this is exactly what he said "Believe it or not, no one will know how you really feel (sometimes not even your own parents and relatives) unless they themselves have kids with autism or similiar disorder." Tell me what you think?

Yes I have to be strong. Broken nose or not.

Here're some photos when we got to spend some quality time with Faaeq, minus abangnya Imran. Imran was with my parents in Trg spending quality time with TokMa and Grandpa :)

Hello I'm Faaeq!

otw to Genting. Stopped for breakfast - nasi lemak ibu suap.

ibu, kenapa sejuk sgt ni?

thks ibu. better now.

much better when ibu hugs me!

tolong jgn tiru saya.

he really enjoyed the cabel car ride. next time must go again with imran.

foggy.. sejuk!

Till then. Ta!


Syahida said...

edi, i feel u..been there, done that.
banyakkan doa, i know it's hard to keep cool but u just hang on dear..
kalau i dengan abil dulu, dia tantrum, kita lagi 2-3 kali tantrum..huhu.dont follow my footstep.

i like the hugging picture. do that a lot and keep on whispering positive words to his ears. insyAllah, Allah akan tolong.

Edi said...

syida oh syida.. u make me cry reading this!

Anonymous said...

I need not tell you to be strong, as I already know you are. But what I can tell you is that you are The best mum for Faaeq and keep doing what you do best, caring and having his interest at heart at all times in between the beautiful cupcakes you decorate daily.

Yes, they say masa budak tgh antara lelap and jaga is the best time to whisper good words and doa for him.

Edi said...

i always doubt myself tau kak wiz, whether i can be a good mom or not to my kids. but i guess i have to just do my best coz that's more important than having sky high hopes and keep comparing myself with others.

selalu doa, selalu wisper my love to him when he's about to sleep.. then bila tengok abang dia dah lelap tidur without me at his side, mulalah kesian pulak kat abg dia.. haih.

thks for dropping by kak wiz!