Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday I overheard a group of girls talking outside my office window. Mostly about facebook. "eh, kau tengok tak dia tulis ape kat status dia? giler tul..... " 
The other day, (many days before) while having lunch with my better half, we overheard a group of students (we think, sebab area situ ade MSU college) talking (or mengumpating) this one particular girl ( I even remember her name, but not going to put up here, mana tau kot2 dia baca post ni and relate! *mampos*). They keep commenting about how jelous she is to the whole situation, how she should have commented like this, and not like that, how she looked wearing that skirt.. and SO MANY MORE! sampaikan kitorg yg makan ni tak berborak, sebab dok dengar budak2 tu berborak! Can u imagine? Rimas giler.. tp mcm free entertainment la..

That's how facebook has affected our conversation these days. FB (short form of facebook, in case u live in Mars -- but i bet the aliens in Mars had invented a better version of facebook!). How brilliantly created and connected us all.. in one big happy family (or not). 

I first got to know FB during my maternity leave after delivering Faaeq. That was in 2007. My friend Jem told my husband, 'eh, masuklah FB.. buatla account".. then my husband told me and in between breastfeeding and short baby naps, I explored FB and created my account. With my full name lagi you! I was pleasantly surprised of how many people whom I've lost touch many, many years ago were found in FB. Now, almost 3 years later, I would say, I've found almost all my long-lost friends on FB! That's including my Standard 1 classmates and my teachers who taught me 'pakai kain belah tu haram!'.. *nama tak boleh didedahkan di sini ye.. harap maklum*

Do I like FB? YES! I LIKE. And apparently 'like' has becoming a culture nowadays too. While talking to one of the students, she suddenly said, 'hahahha... saya 'like' lah komen kak dina!' 

FB can be a very dangerous place to be too. We just have to know out limit of what to 'show' and what not to. That's it. It's best to keep some part of your life to yourself. Got to have some privacy, and how we manage our privacy is ... well, pandai2lah kan.. If you're running away from an 'Ah Long', dont go and open FB account-lah! Itu bunuh diri la namanya.. 

Ok, enough about FB.. Cupcakes time! Thanks to FB, many got to know about my cupcakes through FB too.. so, I'm not complaining eh! :)

I'll conduct a cupcake class on 22nd Jan (Saturday) one more seat left, if u're interested to join, pls email me yah!

 I've got to say this is the most requested design lately. This is done for Ashvini n family.

 For Ashvini n family too.. did this design some time ago. Shra requested this coz it's  Shra's fav design, kan Shra? :)

 For Abe Ngoh who got engaged to lovely Muna. Keliling tu letak fresh strawberries tp lepas siap x sempat nak ambik gambarnyer...

 Thanks Zafir :)

And last but not least, thanks Zarith yang comel yg saya baru terserempak kat kantin tadi. Suke sgt baju kurung ibu mengandung yg u pakai tuuuu!!!!

Take care ya kawan2!
edi the cakeworm. hihi

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baincardin said...

tgk gmbar sini terus lapar! ^_^'

*Jom bersama Encik Dave Hills layan HDR kat Cameron Highlands. ^_^