Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Proud to be a Srikandi

Thanks Odie for your order. I really had a sweet time making these! While piping the buttercream, I thought about my alma mater where I spent 5 years of my teenage years. And now, I'm making cupcakes for my juniors who celebrated their 15th Anniversary there? I feel old. haha.

More of their joyous celebration photos can be viewed at her album here.


Syahida said...


Didie said...

Huge thanks Kak Edi!! Dah ler order last minute ek :-p We really enjoyed your cuppies!! Cute and delish!!

Edi said...

syida, thks! paling mahal batch tu.. walaupun herot merot, after so many tries, menjadik jugakla kot rupernyer.. kan odie? hehe

odie, u're welcome. anything for my sisters! :)