Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Floria and some yact tournament

hye friends.. as promised, here are some photos taken from our trip to floria putrajaya :)

some VIPs at the opening ceremony. kebetulan masa we all sampai, ade ceremony ni.. look at our first lady's shoes! i love them! they were all looking at the magician coming from their right side.

i love this shot :)

.. and some flowers at floria.. BANYAK sgt.. but it was super hot on that day. so mmg x larat nak bergambar.. mana yg sempat je..
flower beds.. i want this at my garden!

kat cameron highlands byk org asli jual ni. i dont know the name of this flower.

this reminds me of kung fu panda!

miss pang chi fei. sweet lady :)

miss boring-cepatlah-ambik-gambar. PANAS!!

then we headed to Pullman. there was this sailing event going on. sebenarnyer nak jumpa geng :D
me and aishah, who was in her maternity leave, bored, and i think this was her first outing since berpantang :D

love this shot of Azam Zikry, aishah and mady's 1st. tp dia tak nak bukak dua2 belah mata.. panas kot.. (panas lagi...)

and lastly, Azam and Imran. best buddies :)

similar shot, taken almost 4 years ago! :))



Kak Lia said...

salam...bunga itu - bunga tepus...kalo tk silap la...

akak suka tgk cuppies edi....

Edi said...

mamarempit, bunga tepus eh.. maybe buleh buat ubat ko sbb tu org asli jual..

thks for dropping by :) and for the compliment :))

Kay said...

tak serempak plak ngn kak dina kali nih!

Edi said...

kay! hehehe... awak ni pon rajin pegi event2 mcm ni ekk.. x nampak kot sbb akak nyorok dlm bunga :D

Kak Lia said...

boleh buat ubat kencing manis & darah tinggi rasanye...tp yg dikeringkan...