Monday, April 5, 2010

Red is My Fav Color

Lately ni ramai yg order with red, white and black theme.. i dont fancy black buttercream.. x lalu sgt rasenya nak makan.. and i have to warn you red icing has a lot of coloring in it (kalau color lain x byk sgt.. somehow to achieve RED, a lot of food coloring has to be used--not good for kids.. nanti jadi hyperactive)... tp students (a.k.a. budak2 U, hehe..) suke these colors.. maybe ade yg rase comel, elegant, or romantic..
Thank you Amy, my neighbour.. byk kali dia order from me.. aritu panggil2 nak bg cupcakes free takde org pulak kat rumah..balik kampung kot.. melepas la.. Amy.. hehe 
..and thanks a lot Yatie.. yg suke sgt red roses :-)

to those who sent your photos for the FREE cupcakes contest, THANKS A LOT. to answer some of your questions:
1. Anyone can enter
2. no specific photo, u can submit just any photo.. as long as jgn org lain punya.. kena u punya la.. it might be your kids, your precious home, scenery, your cooking, or even you!.. ANYTHING at all :-)

i've got some interesting photos i received.. i'm having FUN! keep them coming! thks and have a great week ahead of you.


azima said...

Betui la Edi. I've been trying to get RED colour last week. Follow yr advice to add kaler serbok and i tambah lagi RED RED Wilton..tapi still tak merah sgt..cuak nak guna byk colouring..

Edi said...

kalau byk sgt takut icing pahit.. so far tak pernah lg cust komplen pahit.. everytime i rase sendiri takutla pahit.. budak2 ni suke sgt merah.. fening *&^%$

KG said...

merah sgtlah mak ngah :-/

Miza said...

Kak Edi, Miza ni :D Kalau x silap, Miza penah terbace psl warna merah ni. Petua x nk bg pahit ialah dengan cara pakai no-taste red pastu br campur dengan red biase. Wilton punye ade no-taste tu :D

Edi said...

KG: itulah.. MERAH!
Miza: hi! yes i have that red no-taste and xmas red tu but it takes almost half a bottle to achieve merah terang.. rugi ler.. satu botol mahal! heheheheeh

Miza said...

Tau xpe! Tp demi kastemer ek. Hehe :D