Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nothing much

Hye all.. this is a frustrated post :-(
cant seem to upload any photos and the page uploading is super slow..
might be the forces of the aliens la kot.

too tired to write anything. starting next week i'm positive i'll have more time to blog.... chow dulu :)


ibuaries said...

few days back, ada dgr TM bg tau until end of this month mmg internet slow coz tgh of some works done kat underground @ under sea cable..mmg ting tong skit la.

edi, bila lg nak bt kelas CC ye :-)

Edi said...

no wonder... :/

kelas CC actually ada on 6th May ni tp dah penuh.. kalau u nak, boleh suggestkan date.. wednesday, thursday or friday je.. hari2 lain n weekends x free la... sorry sgt:(