Thursday, March 11, 2010

Betty Boop, Rainbows and Roses

i always feel a 'lil bit excited when a guy calls me up. bukan nak ngorat ehhh... when he wants to order cupcakes from me la... of course!! hehehehe.. be it for his girlfriend, mom, daughter/son, or simply to celebrate a friend's birthday.. sweetnyer...  
Budi requested for Betty Boop themed cupcakes.. after a few miserable tries of drawing Miss Betty on the cupcakes, well, i gave up! i dont think fifi will recognize Betty as Betty... lebih kepada muke seorang pakcik yg memakai serban hitam! hahaaha.. (i should have taken the photo of the failed drawing!.. mesti korang gelak!)
anyway, THANKS BUDI.. u actually made my day that day! :D

these are for Dr Lin, my good friend from school who is just as crazy as me!
thks babe!
now compare with the 'after' photo.. u can now know which ones are eesya's fav :D
and these cupcakes with petite roses on them are for my cousins who love my vanilla oreo cupcakes. it was a nice surprise on one fine saturday evening :D


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