Thursday, February 25, 2010

Close to my Heart

hye all.. been a long day today.. i just came back from visiting a friend who had an accident and just woke up from coma. his condition is pretty bad. i dont know whether he even remember us when he saw us just now. i asked him ingat lagi tak kitorg and the response we got was just a drop or two tears running through the side of his eyes.. i was once hospitalized for 36 days before (dah lama dulu) and i can really relate to the experience of being in the hospital. just being there, visiting, is depressing enough.. imagine if we are the one who has to stay there, with an illness. it's like surrending ourself to the doctors and just hope for the best to get better, but at the same time yearning to go home no matter what.. didnt even care if we die, as long as we're home.. it's THAT bad duduk hospital nie.. depressing betul...

ok, enough about sad stories.. i am just feeling down sbb in these week dah 2 kali melawat kawan kat hosp.. all in bad condition. me being awkward not knowing what to say to comfort sucks big time.

ok girls..  i want to share some snaphots i took of my chains.. all silver.. all close to my hearts :-)
this chain with a small butterfly pendant was given by my lovely sister.. i love the sweet butterfly so much..
  this one, was self bought by yours truly.. i bought the chain and pendant from separate stalls in plaza masalam shah alam. they have some great collections there.. i chose this mother of pearl pendant out of everything else they have (which are all gorgeous) because i feel close to the sea wearing this. orang terengganu la katakan.. :D

have a great long weekends everyone ♥

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