Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Purple Engagement Cupcakes

Hi friends,

This order came from my good friend, Nurul.. a gift for her brother who got engaged on the third day of hari raya aidiladha. she requested a set for hantaran, plus individually packed cupcakes to put in a basket for gifts too..
theme color was purple.. she actually left the design and decorations to me, itu yg seronok sgt buat tu... :-)

enjoy the pics!
and congratulations to the newly engaged couple. cepat2lah sarung cincin kawin pulak yea.. ;-)

**individually packed cuppies (including ribbons, butterfly, doily),
rm8 each, min order 10pcs
cupcake size XL ~ 3 1/4 oz


KG said...

this must be the butterflies you were talking about in yr fb status...tome tome!!

Edi said...

hye kak yani,
ha ah.. hehe... just when i thot the butterflies were outdated (kan dah lama ade mende ni).. tp bile letak je atas tu, mcm excited pulak tengok how pretty they are, just by being there :)

Anonymous said...

so lovely...