Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soft pink and blue cupcakes

Hi Zarith, these are your engagement cupcakes! :-)

Zarith requested similar set i did before for emilia. cuma tukar color. dia nak soft pink and satu color lain yg soft jugak.. so after some discussions with her, we agreed with soft pink and blue.
frustla budak2 JAD.. hahaha.. kak zarith dah ade org COP!
selamat bertunang and cepat2 la langsungkan 'hari'nya.

PS: the butterfly on the ribbon can be requested to included on your box. it's made of  wood and adds a romantic feel to your set ( i think). i have it in dark pink, white and red.
just add rm2 for it. thanks :-)


Imma said...

dina...jauhnyaa laa hai nak order...sebelah2 utara niii takde ker..huhuhuuuu...

Edi said...

hi imma,
itulah.. kalau ade despatch sanggup hantar, ok je.. hehe... sorrylah.. i selalu rase bersalah kalau org ty camni.. try google, rasenyer kat ipoh ade yg buat cupcakes.. dah ramai skrg yg buat.. :-)
thks for dropping by yea :-)