Friday, June 12, 2009

abstract design

i wanted to do something fresh on the cupcakes. no flowers this time. although i was so tempted :-P
i am lucky to have customers who, most of the times, let me decide what i wanted to do with the design. yay!

so here's some abstract/retro design. i just used 3 no.2 nozzles and started lining them up.
you can see some crooked lines. imran, my boy, was trying to get my attention coz i was concentrating on the cupcakes, not him. hence the table shaking and back poking, which resulted to some crooked lines that i did not have time to correct :-\

thnks lyn.
have a great day!


Nannie said...

Nice , like your cupcakes design ,something simple yet creative.Kombinasi warna pun saya suka sgt.

Anonymous said...

ini kau ambik guna dslr ke ur compact?


Rin said...

This is my favourite design :) Love the color combination.

Edi said...

Nannie, thank you :-)
Rin, thanks. i like the colors too!
butterinthecup, ini pakai dslr pinjam :-P

WendyinKK said...

Very retro indeed... pretty :)

Edi said...

thank you wendy :D