Thursday, May 28, 2009

the new name

yeah, i was thinking of changing my 'brand name'. konon2la kan...

i'm fine with Diena Cupcakes, but it doesnt have the 'it' feeling to it. it's just.. well, how should i put it in words.. -- not right brained--at all. ha ha..

there's this name i like -cupcake.worm

or -cake.worm
i think the word 'worm' together with the cake, or cupcake (terbalik kot skali) defines so many meanings :-D

i googled and so far it's just descriptions of yucky worms and cakes.. so, i think no one is using the name yet.. yay!

so which one? i'm still thinking.. help me out here will ya?

oh, and i wanted to get a stamp for the logo. blogged hopping for a few hours and i found mangosteen's site.. she soooo talented and creative! she hand carved stamps and they are so amazingly neat and pretty! oh, i just have to get her to do one for me!

meanwhile, .. cupcake or cake...

1 comment:

Lebai Cute said...

jangan ada worm dalam cupcake ko dah ler hehehe...