Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i'm so glad i'm not an accountant.

We have a 'diversed' course to finish this semester. Accounting, Finance and Engineering Economis. Not to disrespect anyone, but "THANK GOD I DONT HAVE TO DO ACCOUNTING FOR LIFE". i'm 'ac'counting days for this semester to end..
i'd rather live in the jungle and bake banana cupcakes, thank you.
elmo and cookie monster cupcakes again!

tq kak ija for the repeating order. elmo always makes me smile :-D

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mindblogger said...

sorry supposed to drop u a note for you to so-called claim the award and do the tag thingy.. anyway, your cupcakes are all so cunnn...I also went to one of the links.. chiquecakes..cantek giler...