Friday, May 3, 2013

Grretings from Nowhere!

It's been a while, i know. not going to whine about it... biarlah berabuk pun janji bile nak pakai boleh lap habuk dan pakai balik. hehe... analogy punya baik!

So how have you been? i've been active on instagram, but very poor F- grade on blogging... but i decided i want to start blogging again.. the least i can do is share about Faaeq.. takpun share cerita mengarut.. hehe... who cares.. who's gonna read my post anyway? korang2 je kan.. hehehehe...

ini masa bday party si baju hitam Aisha.. my roommate when i was in uni... she knows how i sleep ok! and look at emily.. she was amused with my cute ribbon brooch. hihi

Well... Emily is 9 months now! Faaeq is 5 plus, Imran is almost 9! my kids are grown, but i stay young! lol. macam magic kan? (my fav phrase to imran.. anything is magic.. tiap2 mlm request cerita ajaib... pening ibu nak pk cerita ape EVERY night!) We've been good... Still struggling on Faaeq... started him at a new school in Puchong (Chatterkidz Theraphy--gonna blog about this later)... He loves it there! I took one day leave yesterday to send him off at his new place, and to familiarize myself with the new route (i suck in directions, balik tu siap boleh sesat padahal puchong je kan... JE??) The first gesture when i came to pick him up was a big grin on his face and he came and hugged me tight! oh that's enough to make it all worth it.

look at him all grown up! 

Imran is growing up fine. He's a great boy. Alhamdulillah.

I'm working in Beranang now.. not in Shah Alam anymore.. makes it almost impossible to bake again.. ade ke org nak dtg pick up cupcakes kat Beranang ni? haha... up till now, at home, i can't bake! i just can't. sometimes i put out the butter to thaw and when it's thawed, i had to keep it again in the fridge coz i just can't find time to bake. Mily.. i just have to wait for her to grow up and start helping me.. baru boleh bake again for orders. hahaha... 

Till later, selamat balik mengundi... i wont be mengundi coz the tics are too expensive! flight tics to trg cost about rm500++ . tak payahla. that's Faaeq's fee for one whole month at the theraphy centre. I'm actually looking forward to the election... ini kali lah atau lain kali lah? it's all in OUR hands. choose wise peeps! Have a great weekend nevertheless.

Love, edi


Tina said...

Salam Edi, welcome back! I've re-started blogging too, 2 posts in 2 days, teangah semangat! hehe

Fazlinil Irma said...

salam kak edi..

rindu nak tgok hasil kerja my chekgu ni.. dulu selalu jd sumber inspirasi bila cust order cc..

thanks kak edi..

Edi said...

Sis Tina,
Salam.. yay!! jom jom blogging balik... saya semangat jugak ni hihi.. we'll see.. yr blog is SO PRETTY! and thanks for sharing all the recipes.

u're welcome.. seronok juga tgk korang yg masih aktif buat kek... i'allah satu hari nanti kak edi boleh berkarya semula.. hehe..

De'MeCake said...

selamat kembali saboo nk tgk hasil air tgn Edi....

Kak Lia said...

Salah account gmail la...hehhee...Demecake tu akak punya gak...hehhee

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Edi.

Happy to see you with your happy family.

Do miss those colourful photos of your cupcakes. Hope you make start baking again sometime in the future.