Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CUPCAKE CLASS 28th APRIL 2012 (Saturday)

Salam all..

My next cupcake class will be on 28th April 2012
Location: My home, Bandar Saujana Putra
Fee: rm180 per person, rm150 per person if u bring another friend (your friend pays rm150 too)
What u'll learn: Make and bake cupcakes, icing and decorations using buttercream (all recipes i use for my orders)
Time: 9am ~ about 2pm
Lunch provided.
** You'll bring home 16pcs cupcks u made and deco.

Kindly email me  at edina2404@gmail.com if u'd like to join. Tq!



Azfa said...

dear..if only I dok dekat ngan u, I sure g belajar buat cc nya..ish

farida tarmize said...

alaaaa..i have class every saturday..kalau nak request class and ajak2 kawan2 boleh tak?

Edi said...

kak azfa,
nak buat camne kiter jauh.. huhu.. jom pindah KL la hihi

cik kedondong,
boleh req date.. nak ahad pun akak boleh arrange cuma kena ade dlm 3 org mininum k... ajakla kwn2 awak.. kalau camtu rm150 per person.. berbaloi belajar sendiri sebab tak berapa susah actually bile dah tau teknik yg betul and resepi yg senang dan sedap.. just email kak edi edina2404@gmail.com kalau nak ty ape2 k.. tq!

Anonymous said...

Hi Edi,

How do you manage your time, 2 kids, pregnant and sometimes taking order and sometimes giving cake lessons. Do you have a maid who helps you clean up?


Edi said...

I get this question a lot! actually it's not as hectic as it seems.. but of course it's not a breeze to do it all... i thank God everytime coz i think He gives me the strength and makes my head clear so that i always feel 'i can'... that's about it i think :) plus good planning and some help from my husband.. others have more challenging life, Sally.. and no, i never paid anyone to do anything in my house, including washing my car. never send to a carwash. hehe

mimie hamdan said...

ediiii... bila la i dpt gie class u beb? nak sesgt join class u.. meet you in real! klu i sorang on weekdays u sanggup tak? i drive from melaka.. weekend mmg susah... huhuhu...