Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today is my dad's birthday. I really can't find the exact word to describe him.. but he is definitely everything a 'dad' description should be.. he's my idol, my benchmark, my inspiration, my... everything!  
Happy 64th birthday to our perfect papa and grandpa.... what a blessing to have you in our lives.. we wish you many healthy years ahead!


Tq Illa for both sets!

Thanks for all your wonderful wishes...  mcm rasa malu lah pulak.... hehehee.. mcm2 la dpt petua nak dptkan baby girl pun ade tp rasenya dah terlambat kot skrg.. so, kita tunggu about 2-3 months lagi mesti tau baby girl ke boy.. for the meantime, i have to get some pregnancy pants coz all my workpants dah tak muat. Safety pins are almost not helping anymore.. erghh.. and my mom brought my fav white preggie pants i had when i was carrying faaeq,  the pants had turned yellow! i'll try to soak in clorox and see how that'll turn out...mmm... how can people wear baju kurung when they're 7-8 months pregnant? takkan semua alter kot?

My cupcake class on 11th Feb is still available.. kalau nak join just email me at

Bye now! Long weekends.. have a great one! My parents are here, yay!



Anonymous said...

Edi, Happy Birthday to your dad.

You resemble a lot like your mum - like the exact photocopy and your mum looks so young.


dalisha said...

wau.. cantiknya
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Liyanah said...

Salam Edi,

Congrats on your pregnancy! :)
Plus happy birthday to your Dad!

And your cupcakes look as lovely as ever!


Salam Edi,
Congrats! Hope its a girl insyaAllah :)

Yunne Osman said...

if my dad was still alive, he'd be 64 too =) alfatihah. i look up to my dad just like you do with yours. i love my dad to bits. everything i am is because of him. i am a part of him. and i miss him dearly. it's a blessing that you still have yours. happy birthday to your dad edi. may he always be under God's blessings, guidance and care. all that to your mom too. ameen.

Edi said...

Ya that's what people always tell me since i was very young... sebijik muka mak.. hehe.. she's pretty so i am lucky to hv a tiny bit of her beauty kot .. kalau ada pun sikit je... tq for yr wish :)

tq :)

Thank you dear:)

I hope it's a girl too.. but if boy pun alhamdulillah... we just want a healthy baby i'allah.. u bile nak tambah? hihi

Ya i count my blessings everyday to have both my parents around me till today, all happy and healthy.. and i still have my maternal grandmother too u know.. i used to live with her when i was small.. i lost my paternal grandma in 2002, and i miss her so much.. i can imagine the pain losing someone so dear as yr dad.. must be hard for you.. but with a daughter like you, he'll lit up gloriously i'm sure..

tp be pregnant again is great.. u should too lah, but ya, tunggu husband balik for good dulu. kalau tak mmg pengsan nak pregnant and take care of eshan.. bukan senang kan. u take care k!