Friday, December 2, 2011

Crunchy Apple Cinnamon Cake

If u like apple pies, u're gonna love this, the cake version.. :) It's so soft... love this!

Crunchy Apple Cinnamon Cake
Recipe by yours truly 

2 cups self-rising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder (u can omit if u dont like cinnamon)
* sift together, set aside

1 cup butter
1 cup sugar (use fine sugar, caster sugar or gula halus Prai)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
4 large eggs
1/2 cup milk (fresh milk/ full cream milk/ milk powder mixed into 1/2 cup water.. anything will do)

4 apples (any kind will do) peeled and cut into small pieces
Light brown sugar (fine or coarse, i use coarse) for drizzling on top of the cake

1. Sift all A ingredients,set aside
2. Cream butter and sugar using a mixer, add vanilla essence, then add eggs one at a time. Mix well in between eggs. (the dough will curdle, dont worry about that!)
3. Add milk, fold
4. Add all A ingredients, fold lightly until all well mixed
5. Fold in HALF of yr apples
6. Put in baking tray.. i used one loaf tin and one 6 inch square tin.
7. Put another half of yr apples, drizzle with brown sugar
8. Bake.. i bake mine at 160deg, about 40 mins. I put all two tins in one go. haha.... nasib baik ok :P

It's crunchy on top coz of the sugar and apples, and some cruncy apple pieces in the cake, it smells good coz of the cinnamon... ahhh...

My drama king got his haircut last weekend.. the usual drama, but this time less :) i think he got used to it already.. or maybe coz he's bigger now.. our speech therapist (we had an appoinment last wednesday) said he improved a lot on his eye contact and is cooperating very well.. he is beginning to understand instructions, more playful and definately less tantrums.. the other day he came to me saying "cu, cu cu cu c".. and i said, Faaeq nak susu ya... mana botol? ambik botol.. and off he went to the sofa where he left his empty milk bottle, took the bottle and gave it to me! How about that... :))) Another incident which made me strongly believe that he understands was when we were getting ready to bed, he was lying on the bed playing with my phone, watching Adele, Taylor Swift, nasyid, Asma ul-Husna and others..  I went in the room telling my husband, "ni susu faaeq sorok sini tau". I put the bottle at one corner of the bed, mmg tersorok la.. x nampak.. plus the room was already dark.. after a while, he got off the bed, went straight to the place where i hid the bottle, took it and casually drank it on the bed!

..and my talkative imran is not around.. he's in Rembau with his Atuk and Wan.. cuti sekolah, a great bonding time with grandparents. Next week my dad will come to fetch him to Terengganu pulak.. the house is quite.. i miss him so much.. i didnt even throw away his origami lying all around the hs.. when he's around, pantang nampak atas lantai mesti suruh dia buang.. he'll do so many origamis and will leave the papers lying around.. mm... but i know he's having a good time, so that's ok. i asked him, do u miss me, he said, ingat ibu bila nak tido.. takde org nak cerita.. :(

Have a great weekend friends! ♥edi


Norlaili Lott said...

haha... dah rasa dah kek ni, sedaappp! thanks kak ina! kalau ada "sample" yang best2 lagi, jangan lupa hantar kat opis kitorg ni... hahaha!

Edi said...

hahaha.. laily.. ok2.. semlm boring xdekije.. so buatla.. minggu ni byk order sgt.. rilek sket :) nice time to experiment!

Anonymous said...

macam ku kenal tay putih itewww.... heheheh...secret :) -maiexioni

Edi said...

mai ke ni? kalau mai... ya betulll.. hehe... berguna lah.. buat pie pun senang dlm nie.. :D

Rima said...

nampak macam sedap seh.. insyallah i will gv it a try.. kat rumah ade macam macam buah sampai tak tahu nak buat aper selain eating it .. eh tak tahu ke malas nak mengadap oven hehe

Edi said...

harus try! ganti dgn buah apa pun ok i rase... masa buat ni kat rumah ade byk apple tak laku... buat ni. sekelip mata lesap... half bwk balik kampung bagi MIL, dah semua mintak recipe.. :) method dia lebih kurang mcm sicilian orange cake tu.. i tambah susu sket.. bagi gemuk! haha

Norlaili Lott said...

kak ina, bila tengok balik kek ni, teringin pulak... haishh, time2 berpantang ni macam2 teringin. janji nak buat kek ni lepas habis pantang... lalala!