Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. It's freezing cold in my office but if I turn off the aircond it'll too warm and stuffy.

2. I'm hungry. The water takes forever to boil. (Padahal br letak seminit tadi)

3. My head aches.

4. I complain a lot. Just like Imran.

5. I love Imran's new haircut :)  

6. I think I'll buy a small fan for my office. Aircond is not good for the skin.

7. I have to get some lemons for my cough.

8. My toe hurts.

8. Where is everyone?

9. I want yesterday's cake. The choc cakes was SO GOOD with choc ganache.

10. Song in my head: Halo-Beyonce.

11. Where's my old watch? I bought a new watch and suddenly the old one dissappeared. Merajuk ke?

12. Water's boiled. Where did I put my milo?

13. Should I take up that Milkadeal offer?

14. Dermalogica. Faaeq tuang satu botol pencuci muka and now I can't afford to buy another.

15. I can afford it, it's just I'm afraid to go there to buy, I'll end up buying other products too and spend like... zillions of money!

16. I forgot to bring the chocs wanted to bring to office.

17. I'll make tea lah. It's good for the cough.

18. Tghr nak lunch ape?

19. Faaeq.

20. Deepavali. We have to go somewhere. Somewhere near jelah.. it's just one day off.

21. I'm craving for avocados. YUM.

22. Imran's piano class this evening. Yay! Free live music again.

23. Hmm... Bukit Tinggi? Those rabbits... I can't resist! (Tp bau dia busuk la.. tak sesuai bwk Faaeq, mesti kena tarik ekor punyerlah!)



Yunne Osman said...

blogging, work, cupcakes, children, instagram... i mean honestly, where do you find time for all that. wait a minute, are you secrety 'supermak'? hehehe

Yunne Osman said...

ooops typo secretly

Edi said...

instagram.. hahaa.. masuk list jugak tu :D btw thks for introducing pic stitch. u add one more to my list!

i love my work. it allows me to take like... 10 minutes break and blog.. oppss... takpelah ganti dengan borak2 kan.. org lain borak, i blog :P iyolah tu...

i'm no supermak la. tp i multitask to the max, u wont believe what i do in between all things.. haha :P

write abt eshan. i wanna know abt his appointment with aperq. how was it? i'll wait for yr blog post okeh :)

Anonymous said... i knw why u headache..pasal satu botol dermalogica down the drain. next time keep em safely in place faeq cannot find ya.

these rabbits look so it a rabbit farm? mind sharing the address of the farm? i think i wanna go there :)

jom pergi melaka or johor for deepavali. dengar ada legoland di johor, tapi i belum pernah pergi.


Edi said...

sedih taw.. bt i really love dermalogica. at last jumpa jgkla product yg sesuai. be4 this mcm2 dah try :)

that is rabbit farm dekat Bukit Tinggi Colmar Tropicale Resort. Entrance for 3 places (Rabbit farm, French Village and Japanese Garden ) was rm16 kalau x silap i. but i think u can just buy tics for Rabbit Park shj if u want to enter there only. It's about 1 hr drive from KL.. not far.. and naik bukit pun x tinggi sgt. Cool breeze, nice scenery there.

LEgoland sounds interesting... hmm... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Edi for the info. Maybe cuti raya haji or xmas only i sempat ke sana. These few days very bz.

Edi, treat it as good lesson learnt. thank god he threw it and not put it into his mouth thinking its food or jelly. so maybe from today onwards, you can be careful and can keep these kind of things out of children's reach. setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya. biarlah rugi 1 tube dermalogica. few months later boleh beli lagi. dermalogica and biotherm is good product :)


Anonymous said...

OUCH!....what happened to your toe? I thought my palm and knees are painful enough (i tripped as I was about to get out from the car,lesson learnt,always make sure kain x tersangkut kat bawah seat and don't wear baju kurung to drive hahahaha) but yours is a big ouch.....

Anonymous said...

Mai, remember the cake stand? Ini ler. Hr tu dah kering sekali tu i tersangkut selimut, kuku kering tu tercabut!


Azfa said...

panjang nya list u dear..kalau I, I fikir sampai number 10 je..yg lain I buat buat lupa..