Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Being blank

Raya post can wait.. :) bear with me.. i am in absolute space of... nothingness.. if there exist such word :P

Raya was so much fun I forgot to even snap some photos using my phone. I didnt have the whole family's photo on my phone! Dang! Thank god there's hihi... so here are some snaps i took out and around my hometown, Terengganu kiter.

Imran could fit in the basket! haha... and people keep looking at him while i pull him around Maidin KT. Some makciks even smiled at me, amused.   

pretty flower at my aunty's place at Tok Bali, Kelantan. Such character.

a stall selling many kinds of clips.. too cute! @Giant Hypermarket KT
(we went there on 1st Hari Raya to get a grass trimmer a.k.a. mesin rumput, percaya atau tidak. This is what happen when u're back a day before Raya to a house left for almost 6 months.)

now this is at MY home.. our new home. the poor frog died in faaeq's cookie container left outside.. along with the flies. bunuh diri la ni kot.

Imran this morning otw to school with me. all sleepy and complaining the mineral water at school is rm1.20 instead of rm1 before raya.

I'll catch up with u soon. Selamat makan makan, i know ramai yg bwk kuih raya kat opis nie... :)


 ps: i am cakeworm on if u're there too pls leave a note so that i could follow u!


Yunne Osman said...

poor froggy. tak beraya dia heheh anyway, selamat hari raya aidilfitri to you and your family edi! =)

Edi said...

Thanks nurul. Salam aidilfitri to u too and hv fun when yr hubby is around. Yay!