Friday, August 5, 2011

Email from Katsuki

It's been a while since I showed you what my friend, Katsuki from Iwaki wrote to me about the situation in Japan, after the tsunami and earthquake. Here're two of her messages she sent me thru fb, and i would like to share with you how it's like now.... read on..

Katsuki Endo 8:39pm Jun 14

hi, sorry for the long scilence.
hope you're having happy life there.
after the quake, the world around me changes a lot in bad way..

Full of tragic stories out there.
but people has to live, if god gave us 'more' time in this world.

about me, now I've got a job in 100km away from Iwaki now.
just started from last Friday.
so I live alone in outside of Iwaki city.
There's no friends yet, don't know anything around this area,
it's funny I miss Iwaki now, hehehe.

Life is mysterious sometimes, I've never imagined to live here and work!
company is really nice.
and I made my one of my dreams come ture here.

company is groupe of CITIZEN co,ltd.
and I'm doing transelating (Instruction Manuals and all documents)job at design & developing department.
I'm only woman in about more than 30 members(guys) in this room.
Manager & co-worker in my group are so nice & warm,
room is clean, calm...really different from JE!!!

I AM HAPPY to work here!

I don't know until when I can continue to work here,
coz my condition is only 3months contracted employee here.
But I don't feel bad anything now,
looking back my life in JE (especially last 3years) and after comming back from this March 11...compares to them, here's like heaven.
I've never felt like this,most basic thing is important and happiest thing to our lives.'Eat','Sleep','Work'.
After the quake, I (most people) lost 'Eat' and 'Sleep',
worst thing for me was I had no job at that time.

Many people lost their loving ones and house everything,
or they have to evacuate from their home town.

Mom's friend is still in shelter very far from our city.

I do have 'Fear' in my future,
but now, I just do whatever I can.
because I can start to walk out my life again,
and still I'm not getting off the road of my hope.
Take care!

From CITIZEN office @ Shirakawa,Fukushima Pref.
Katsuki Endo 8:41pm Jun 16

hi, thanks for your message.
some words really made me feel good.
when I read the part of
'be strong Japanese people, we are with you'..
tears coming up... after the quake, I became a person like easy to cry,
maybe something happens inside,i guess.

I 've also not recover completely yet,
sometimes feels so sad and miss everything what I'd lost.
especially the 'Time' before 3.11.
and feels so tired...not to feel to do anything AT ALL.

but as I told you, I have to move on,
I still have my life, I have a home, have my family.

my friend's brother's body was found at the see shore
20km away from his home sea side.
one working in JE, his parents are still missing.
(can't search cause of the radioactivity)
some people used to work in JE at Fikushima plant, had died by Tsunami.
Murata-san's family lives in evacuated area, so they'd already leave home there.

Fukushima is very different situation from other disaster area.
we have power plant as world's famouse,now.
so we always worring about the radiation.
little kids can't play outside, have to keep shut a door even it's hot outside,
no pools this summer,drinking water, vegetables, air....everything!
we have to worry about. can't tell you all!
Also about Iwaki city,
so many people came from northan part (evacuation area),
so there are not enough houses, jobs(that's why I moved to work)...
'different place' from the city once you lived.
Iwate & Miyagi is moving to recover,rebuild the city.
but in Fukushima(sea side) is nothing going on because nobody can't enter the area
from 30Km away from ground zero.
also all people evacuated.
so in the worst area, dead bodies,pets(cats,dogs) are just leave there.
some cows, horses,sheep are also still there, or already died,I guess....

We're really encoureged by the supports and words from all over the world,
also from inside of Japan.
every time I see or hear, tears comming up.
on the other hand, really really disapointed our goverment,

what a shame....

in fact, when I serching my job,
I'd found the job advertisement working in KL!
and that company is in PJ!
do you know "Symphony"? if you know, pls tell me!

About company,
yes, 'that' watch maker.
but not making watches in this plant.
haha! you're right! sure better working with guys.
I mean easy to work.
google 'CITIZEN Machinary Miyano' hope you can find it.
place is in Fukushima, 100km west from Iwaki.

Today is friday, so I will drive home!
Really happy to write to you, thanks for reading.
Sure stay in touch!
Have a good weekend :)


Syahida said...

edi, it's nice to hv friends from different parts of the world. u can learn so much from them, kan?

happy fasting :-)

Anonymous said...

syida, (lawa gambar profile u?! haha)
betul... dia pun mmg ambik insiatif nak keep in touch dgn saya.. so sebenarnyer sy yg bertuah ade dia :) byk boleh belajar dgn dia.. dan harap2 dia pun ade a few things yg dia belajar dgn sy, especially about being a muslim.. org2 sana mana tau psl agama kiter kan..

Anonymous said...


Menginsafkan, here we are, having so much fun whereas on the other side of the world, people in Japan are still sturggling with the aftermath..not to mention Somalia, sedeh...jijie

Anonymous said...

Jijie, mmg pun.. kdg2 aku rase mcm takut lak, kiter ni mcm sgt bertuah..

Anonymous said...

Tell her that everyone here is praying for her well being and others.


Anonymous said...

i will kak wiz, thks :)