Thursday, August 18, 2011


FB has been filled with updates on people counting Ramadhan days.. Ramadhan ke15, Ramadhan ke16, Ramadhan ke17... hehehe... I, on the other hand have been busy counting the days when my parents and my sister will join us for Raya! I've never actually been 'away' from my parents for so long since i came back from the states.. and sydney.. well, that doesnt really count coz i kinda 'left' them, now they  'left' me and went to York to stay with my sister. It's weird and i do really am happy that they finally get to have a longgg break but.. i'm selfish! i want them near! haha. Imran particularly has been missing his Tokma and Grandpa a lot. He keeps talking about them every now and then.. 

Thanks Kak Haspa! *this was done before Ramadhan

I'm still tired of the move and i have no excitement to take out the oven and bake.. yet. but i know i have to get started next week.. i want to bake a few easy cookies and cakes for eid. i have a long list of recipes, i still have not decided yet which one i will attempt. hmmm.... help!

have a great day friends!
tq sally to introducing me to yunne.



Ms. Dot said...

nk blja buat cupcake!huhu

Anonymous said...

Ms Dot,
boley boley.. after raya i'allah i buat kelas lagi.. join la k :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Edi,

No worries about that. I know you both can learn from each other and exchange notes and make the group bigger with more similar people joining and with that hope our government can come up with proper facilities and school for kids who need special training and attention.

Manalah tahu kan, one day maybe Edina will setup a organization/group to support autism children, then extend the group to overseas and have more knowledge exchange.


Anonymous said...

if i'm not working, that will be my main goal.. but i hv to work to make ends meet so for now, i'll just 'berjuang' dengan blog ni je.. just sharing my stories and hopefully others who have similar situations can relate and take actions accordingly. i too have a lot more to learn.. and i do learn from other bloggers of the same boat with me. helping others give us so much satisfaction, right? take care.


Anonymous said...

Nak mama dia yer? I know whatyou mean. It's ok when we go and leave butwhen they do that rasa macam spoilt brat and want them near you skrg jugak, hempas2 bdn atas katil kinda way. Itu saya la kan.

Errrm, why dont you surprise them and all of you go to york?

Anonymous said...

kak wiz,
we wish! tp duit tak cukup la... kalau boleh cop duit sendiri kan bess...