Friday, July 1, 2011

Cameron Highlands Day 2 & 3

Hye friends.. so here are the rest of the photos.. too many of them I dont know which ones are my fav :)

 Faaeq with my phone. Mmg cepat betul dia belajar nak pakai... dia tau mana nak bukak flash card game dia.. dia tau mana nak picit utk dengar nursery rhymes dia.. and I let him use it coz he knows how to take care of it. berhati2 je dia pegang... and this phone saves us from running around chasing him :P Bravo Apple!

 Notice it's "our" narrow road. Jalan tu dia punyer tu... :)

 Imran meditating and Faaeq... busy with his flash cards!

This was on top of a hill at Habu Boh Plantation. We had to hike 173m up the hill to get the excellent view of tea plantation. It's really nice up there, cool wind blowing and because we were early, we had the place all to ourselves. Best sgt!  

Watching video :P

Imran doing silly expessions.

Thought of doing a series of jumping photos for you but unfortunately, most of my photos while I was 'flying' or 'floating' had some 'exposures' of my FLAT tummy. Nanti ade yang jelous, so.... I'll leave that to your imiginations. Hahaha

 We had our breakfast, my husband had tuna sandwich, I had a delicious slice of banana carrot cake with cream cheese topping (yummy!) and Imran had a dry (bad choice) choc cake. Dahler choc cake tu paling mahal. huh.

Lastly, we headed to our fav Rose garden.. Still not lucky this time coz we didnt get to buy their rose jam. It's not rose season, should be here in October when all the roses will be in bloom..

Have a great weekends, I look forward to my cupcake class tomorrow. See you girls next week!



mangosteenskin said...

wow cantik2 photo!! thanks for sharing :) walaupun tak share pemandangan perut hihihihi...

Syahida said...

edi, u really make me wanna go up that cameron highlands la...haha

Anonymous said...

mango, perut i cantik sgt, takut ade yg jelous! hahahaha... lupe la nak tuck in baju :P


Anonymous said...

syida, hehe... iklan free ni. tp seriously, pergila... best rilek2 kat sana. teh o pun rase cam best kat situ, padahal kat bawah ni tak heran pun. haha!