Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She Bangs!

hehehe... bile tengok kek ni teringat lagu She Bangs! tu je sebenarnyer.. Vanilla choc chips cake for my cousin Amira, on her 14th birthday. Happy birthday Adik, be a good girl ok!  :)

 My neighbor Kak Mas asked me to bake choc moist cake for her youngest Nini (Kak Mas has 6 kids!), on her 4th birthday. I layered the cake with choc buttercream and covered with choc ganache. puasla menjilat jari budak2 tu.. :)

Made about 64 pcs for my cousin and about 66 odd pcs for my friend Yatok. She ordered these for a farewell party at her office. Thanks Yatok!

I have to run! Bye now!


Just to make things clear, I dont take orders for big cakes. Just cupcakes, for now at least :) Thks for your orders, and thanks for reading my blog, silent or not, u're very much appreciated ~

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