Friday, December 17, 2010

Saying it out loud

It's been a crazy week this week. Well not so crazy kot.. , considering I did get a new pair of shoes and some pretty  scarfs for myself in between the crazy days.. hehe..

Thanks Fiza! I love this set! (I love anything pink! :D ) 

I do hope that if you wish to order, pls check my closed/full dates on the right side of this page. If the date you are considering to order is there, pls pls pls dont ask me to make your cupcakes on those dates.. Well I'm not the busiest person on this planet, BUT, I only have two hands and limited working brain cells in my head.. so kalau byk2 sgt, sy takut sy tak boleh berfikir dengan waras.. hihihi... But dont hesitate to call me if you need to clarify anything, just don't do it after 10pm la... saya mengantuk! (plus celcom coverage at my area sucks BIG TIME! dlm rumah boleh tak ade line?? apakah??? dalam hutan pun boleh ade line, ini dlm rumah?)

I'll have a wonderful weekends with family and 'family-to-be' this weekends. Hope you peeps will have a great one. Have fun and play safe ok! See you next week!

♥ edi


baincardin said...


*"Part 3" pulak datang menyerang. layan jelaa....^_^

Niza Umar -- said...

Beautiful cupcakes + superb photography = perfect :)

Edi said...

baincardin, yumm jugak! :D

Niza, thks a lot :)))