Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's get on the car!

Thanks Sarah! Bf dia cakap 'hari hari dia nak makan cupcakes!' hehe.. how cute!

The photos are out of focus. Must be the setting .. i didn't get the setting right. and i dont quite know how to use this new lense hb got. dont ask me what lense it is coz honestly, i dont even know what it is! haha..

The thing is, with dslr, what makes it special (from my point of view) is that it captures the colors, the SAME colors that our eyes see.. or almost the same. with the right settings of course. sebab tu gambar jadi cantik :)

Anywayyy.... i'm glad somebody likes my 'love car' and requested me to draw the cars again on her cupcakes!

till then, let's get on the boat!
edi ;)

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