Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love You, Mom!

I had such a great time thinking and daydreaming of how to do the theme Hani requested. "Great Britain/UK/English theme with soft pastel colours".. it might sound easy peesy.. but to translate the design into cupcakes bukan perkara mudah (bagi saya).. I've done this theme before.. xnak buat yg sama.. mcm tak best la pulak... sekarang pun banyak english design nie on cotton dresses and baju kurung.. (apa yg susah sgt kan?) :P    maybe it's because there are too many choices out there, terus jadi mcm kacau bilau, mana satu nak buat... hahaha.. ape da.. over la pulak...

Thanks Hani and sister, hope your lovely mom loved your surprise!

♥ , edi


Anonymous said...

Kak Edi, those cupcakes are wonderful! My mum suka sgt! tQ!!! :) *Hani&sis.

Edi said...

hye hani, alhamdulillah..
korang ni mmg anak2 yg best! mesti your mom happy sgt :)