Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hye friends! My next class will be on SATURDAY 13th NOV.

Book your seat today by email : edina2404@gmail.com

Pls put the email subject as: CUPCAKE CLASS SATURDAY 13th NOV 2010 (*copy paste this pls)

You'll learn everything from baking to decorating cupcakes using buttercream.

Easy peesy recipes (which i use for all my orders) will be given.

Your investment: RM150 per person (deposit rm100 for confirmation)

Class starts at 9am, and usually will finish around 2pm.

Location: my little home @ Bandar Saujana Putra (map will be given upon confirmation)

Just bring your apron and pen for taking notes. Lunch will be provided.

Seats are limited.
- Marsha Faizal - confirmed
- Siti Sarah Yusni - confirmed
- Nor Azraliza - confirmed
Hope to see you soon! :)


are_u said...

cantik nye kaler red n grey tu.. campuran kaler or.. mmg ade kaler camtu ek?..

Delicious-Cuppies said...

edi.... alaaaaaa.... i ada team building laaaaa... huhuhuhu... selalu camnie tau... tak suka!!!! huhuhuhuh....

Edi said...

itu biru actually... very light blue. i x campur. yg pink tu campo, red red n rose pink.. :)

mimie, alaa.... takde jodoh lglah dengan u.. selalu tau! xpe, next time beb.. :)

KG said...

i really should be in tt class, but how leh....i want you privately he he!

Edi said...

kak yani, kelas ni utk amatur.. u dah terror lah! nanti kita set one day.. i pun nak belajar dr u buat fondant!

Anonymous said...

Salam sis edina....
This the one dear...hopefully u dont mind sharing what nozzel u using for this beautiful swirl. TQSM. siti.

Edi said...

siti, the rose is formed using nozzle no853. tryla! :)

Anonymous said...

TQVM sis edina, insyaallah nanti kak siti cari nozzel ni n i will try it.
Dont mind bahasa kan diri kakak ya, coz kak siti ni nenek 2 cucu. TQVM again dear. Salam, kak siti

Edi said...

opss.. kak siti.. sorry yek... itulah kalau kat ruang 'sesawang' ni, mmg tak tau siapa di hujung sana.. cuma nama je.. anyway, give it a try k.. satu lg no852 pun cantik gak bunganya.. belilah dua2 and try :)

Anonymous said...

insyaallah nanti kak siti beli dua2. TQVVM dear.
Takpa not a problem. Kak t takda blog. insyaallah i will keep intouch ya.
Salam. kak siti.