Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Baby You... are the reason I could fly..

Tengah melayan lagu Marc Anthony yang sangat2 best ini...

My Baby You by Marc Anthony
*dont forget to read the comments! priceless!

I miss being pregnant. When I could bring my baby all the time whenever I go. I guess for me, the best part of being pregnant was having him so close to me, all the time. Just that. All the time. It's beautiful how Allah gives us the chance to experience it.  

Then I will freak out thinking of how my baby will come out of this world! hahaha..

Then come the worse part. Everyday, my heart breaks when my baby cries everytime I send him to the nursery :(  I bet every mom will feel that way.  We try to be strong and not be affected by it  but keep on thinking about how that cute little face looked so sad when we left him there.... :((

Thanks a lot Nadia & Naz! May u have a wonderful pregnancy and more wonderful experience having a precious baby in your home!



KG said...

ha, kalau lettering cam ni i tak berapa keras tangan!

Edi said...

hehe.. comel gak ape kalau susun banyak banyak.. satu hurup satu cupck! :)