Friday, May 7, 2010

To Mama, Ibu, Mommy, Mom and Mak

It's friday and i love fridays.. it's a good day to reflect on what i've done throughout the week, finish pending works and do last minutes touch ups here and there :-) most importantly, knowing that by the end of the day, i'll be rewarded with a weekend to hang out with family and friends.

Since this Sunday is Mom's Day, ramai yg tempah cupcakes for their moms.. it's touching to read their descriptions of the cupcakes they want.. all for a special gift for their queen, Mom. i did quite a number of cupcake sets for mom's day but unfortunately tak boleh upload lagi coz tuan dia belum tengok lagi.. hehe.. tuan dia kena tengok dulu baru buleh upload utk u all k.. so, next week i upload.. tunggu ya..

So here's wishing all moms out there a very happy day. although we dont have to wait till mom's day to express our love, but hey, ape salahnya kan.. it's all about letting her know that she is precious and lovely in every little way.. Happy Mother's Day, Mama Trg and Mama Rombau, Cik Ngoh, Cik De, Cik Dah, Cik Ani, Mak Teh, Incik, Cik Mun and all moms out there. ♥

   Buckets of Love, edina.


mangosteenskin said...

cantik gambar ni :)

Happy Mother's Day to u kak edi!

Edi said...

thanks mango :)