Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mariam & Love U All

I felt bias if i don't put up everyone's title up there as the main title.. (ntah hape2 kan). some of my customers ade yg siap email tanya bila nak bubuh gambar cupcakes they all kat blog.. then i realized, it's an excitement actually, to see our cupcakes for our loved ones are displayed proudly here, on my blog.  MY blog ya 'all.. 
i, humbly, thanks YOU for all your support. 
even if u're not my customers (yet, hehe)..  even if u're just here to read my post, to get some ideas for your own cupcake decorations, or just here, tersilap click2 dari blog orang lain and end up being here.. THANK YOU ♥

Thanks Afiq. lawak afiq ni.. so nervous to give his first cupcakes for his lovely one :)
white and light green must be Mariam's fav color, eh? shweett...  

and thanks a lot Annis, for your continuous support. congratulations on completing your degree. ini utk farewell dengan kwn2 dia nie.. friends we made at uni are friends for life, tau!

see you soon,

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