Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be Strong, Zoorek!

I am not in the mood to write an entry. my friend from school is sick. leukimia. (i'm staring blank at this monitor not knowing how to put words together) 

We basically shared 5 years of our youth together. and many more years after that, sometimes tenggelam sometimes timbul, we kept in touch. thank you FB for bringing us together again. now almost all my schoolmates are back in touch again! yg duduk ceruk dunia pun boleh jumpa balik..

Then end of last year, her FB wall penuh dengan kata2 semangat and prayers. i got to know her condition from one of my srikandi friends juga. yes we've heard orang itu kena sakit ini, org itu kena sakit itu.. but if that 'orang itu' is our friend, sedihnya, risaunya.

it's amazing how we become so unified to support her, both emotionally and financially (yg tak seberapa).  a small fund raising event was carried out to raise some money. just some simple makan2 with the main event being the charity sale. all sales were for her tabung. we call it 'tabung zoorek'.

So to my friend zoorek, pls be strong, for your mom, your dad, your husband, your son, your family, and your friends.
To my friends out there, pls pray for our zoorek. may she recovers, insya allah.


* thanks astrid and my junior (tak ingat ambik dlm dlm album fb siapa, sorry) for these photos. 

~Al-Fatihah to arwah Azura Hani (Zoorek). She passed away peacefully among family and friends on 31st May 2010.


ellerque said...

tetiba aku rs seperti nak nangis...

Edi said...

ellerque, sama sama kita doa :(