Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Makes a Woman?

"She speaks when she's spoken to, smells lovely and has a big nose." -DOM JOLY -

Order from Hana, my srikandi sister, for her anniversary.. strawberry cupcakes and some notty cupcakes!
Wish u all the happiness, Hana!

Thks a lot, Tarina.. tergelak i baca email u :D
"Hi Edi.. Thanks for the cuppies..the kids really like it. When we opened the box for the bday song, all of us was so confius why is one spot kosong. Apparently my bro was so tempted he curik one b4 the event start. GRRRR..."


hana said...

this was great...tq k.edi for making our day

Edi said...

hana, baru skrg nak komen punyerlah lama kak edi dah letak post ni.. hahahaha... ini tgh explorace blog kak edi ke.. anyway u're most welcome my dear!