Thursday, October 8, 2009

English Garden

I think this is 3rd, ot 4th order from Shik.. x ingat.. she's from Ampang and came all the way to Shah Alam to pick up these cuppies.. really appreciate the effort.. i always feel humbled everytime my customers are willing to come all the way from their places, sometimes sampai sesat2 barat :-/

Shik is an easy customer to work with, always general with her request and always leave the design to me to decide, usually just requesting a specified color. Lagi susah sebenarnye.. hehe.. but it's a challege and i love challeging myself to come out with new look for the cupcakes, although not always successful due to time constrain :-P. These set was requested with English Garden theme, and she specifically wanted purple flowers.. might be her mom's fav color, i think :)

Mama's 52ns Bday and 10th Anniversary.

pls say they look ENGLISH! or else ... grrr..

she never ordered my choc moist flavor, so i gave her some for free, kebetulan at that time i baked another set with this flavor.
Thanks, girl. and Selamat Pengantin Baru.. (hope it's not too late!)

vanilla oreo 25pcs set, rm45

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